Industry Focus: Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare Services Brochure

In today’s increasingly competitive market, healthcare service providers are under enormous pressure to enhance member satisfaction, improve retention levels, and maximize the value of every customer interaction. More than ever, organizations must leverage transaction-based customer documents with effective communication strategies and tailored content that encourage participation and response.

As a leading provider of patient communication solutions, we have unique insights and experiences that allow us to design comprehensive solutions healthcare institutions and insurance providers need to leverage more value from every customer interaction. Our end-to-end services provide fast, effective processing, production, and delivery of your critical business and transaction-based documents to help you attract and retain quality customers through sophisticated and targeted communications.

We also offer a complete suite of direct marketing services including creative development, cross-media capabilities, and full-service mail solutions that enable you to maintain an ongoing dialogue with your customer. Leveraging your data and state-of-the-art technology, our dedicated team of experts will help you develop and execute a unified strategy to customer communications.

Our solutions support:

  • Billing Statements and Collection Letters
  • Claim Forms and Past Due Notices
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Remittance and Advices
  • Enrollment Materials
  • Member ID cards
  • Marketing Communications

Primadata can help your healthcare organization:

  • Enhance patient satisfaction by improving readability
  • Simplify workflows and reduce obsolescence
  • Reduce expenses through lower productions costs
  • Improve cash flow and time to receivables
  • Ensure compliance